Bakersfield Christian High School 500.78kW Solar Electrical System



BCHS 500 kilowatt solar shade structure

Location: Bakersfield, CA

Installation Type: Carport Shade Structure

Completion Date: Winter 2014

In a world of ever rising educational costs it can be a challenge for schools to balance tuition expenses without sacrificing an exceptional education. Bakersfield Christian High School has chosen to meet this challenge with an innovative solution- solar power. With ground breaking this summer the student body, faculty, and staff at BCHS will soon be reaping the benefits of their solar carport shade structures. This 500kW system will account for approximately 95% of the school’s current utility usage, the equivalent to powering 65 local homes.
The decision to add a solar power system to the BCHS campus was a simple one. “We have a motto at BCHS: Honor God…Helping Students Soar! Quite simply, we believe that conserving the resources God has given us is one more way to honor Him. He has given us these resources and told us to manage them wisely.” says Stephen Dinger, President of BCHS. “We are striving to provide the very best academic program for our students. The dollars saved by using solar will directly benefit our ability to provide a quality program. Money spent on energy can now be re-directed to the classroom and to financial aid making it possible for more students to be a part of a school we believe is second to none in the Valley.”
While the decision to use solar power was simple, choosing the right company to partner with took more time. “We requested proposals from a number of experienced, reputable companies. A-C Electric Company stood out as the one best equipped to meet our needs, time schedule and, who understood and appreciated our overall vision and mission.” says Mr. Dinger.
“We are truly honored to be selected to design and construct this landmark project for BCHS.” said David Morton, Vice President of A-C Electric Company. “With our abundant sunshine and rising utility rates, solar just makes so much sense. When coupled with a financing program, organizations like BCHS can save money right way without spending a dime.”
With nearly 70 years in the Central valley, A-C Electric Company has a passion for supporting the local community. The partnership between BCHS and A-C goes beyond the construction of the solar system. A-C Electric Company will also be providing an educational experience for the students through a solar power workshop and an internship that includes a scholarship. “This is truly a unique opportunity to partner with one of the very finest academic institutions to directly enrich the lives of their students today and provide benefits for generations to come.” says Morton.
Whether it’s being financially and environmentally responsible or using this opportunity to build future generations of local and global leaders, both Bakersfield Christian High School and A-C Electric Company look forward to the completion of this project as a way to invest in the future of Bakersfield. Or as Mr. Dinger puts it, “Overall, this is a win-win-win proposition!”