Financing Programs

Because each client’s budget is as unique as their energy demands, A-C Solar can tailor a financing package to qualified customers with options like traditional bank financing, Power Purchase Agreements, and leases.

Included in each solar proposal presented by A-C Solar is a variety of financing options that are suited to your organization’s financial needs and goals.  These option come from banks and lending institution that A-C has thoroughly vetted to ensure you have the best possible product.

Traditional Bank Financing

Traditional bank financing allows you to balance your monthly energy costs and, in most cases, lower your average monthly payment for energy. After the term of your loan, you will own the system and realize the full benefit of your energy savings.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) provide a $0 up front cost alternative for energy savings. Energy is purchased from a leasing company at a rate lower than the utility company. At the end of the lease or PPA term, the customer can opt to renew the lease, buyout the system, or have the solar system removed.


Leasing a solar system is a way of getting electricity savings immediately with little or no cash down and reduced energy costs. Electricity is purchased from the leasing company at a lower rate than your utility company, up to 40% less than the cost of the highest tiers. The leasing company owns the system and signs a contract for a fixed term.

Cash Purchase

Buying a system with cash, while having the greatest initial financial effect, also provides the fastest return on your investment. Energy savings go back into your wallet with no interest effect. After the payback period, usually less than 10 years, you are benefiting from at least 15 more years of  energy savings.