Residential Solar Provider

When you make the decision to use solar energy to power your home, trust A-C Solar to bring you affordable, high quality solar panels installed by one of the leading electrical installation companies in Central California. Whether you are looking to contribute to a cleaner environment, save on your energy costs, or just make your home run a little more efficiently, there’s never been a better time to install a Fresno solar energy system.

Whether your needs include a roof mount, ground mount, solar carport, stationary or sun-tracking system, every detail is integrated into our design to maximize efficiency and minimizing install costs. An added benefit is the fact that A-C Solar is not captive to any one manufacturer, so we are free to engineer a system that is optimized to your specific needs.


The sooner we install your new system, the faster you will be enjoying the financial benefits of producing your own energy and taking part in helping to create a greener, cleaner environment. Call us today to find out more about installing a Fresno solar energy system for your home and discover the A-C Solar Advantage!

For more information on installing a residential solar system, please contact the A-C Solar team.