Safety First!

We recently received this email from Jamie Willson, EHS&S Manager at SunPower. The following conversation took place at Centennial High School one of the 26 sites in Bakersfield where A-C Electric Company is working with SunPower on the installation of solar carport shade structures. Safety at all times, but especially around the students in our community, is of the utmost importance to us.  We are proud of our team and how evident our commitment to safety is to our partners and the community.

Good Afternoon Team,

I had the honor to spend some time with our SunPower team and our contractor A-C Electric Company at Centennial High School and Mira Monte High School in Bakersfield for World Safety Day this morning. I provided some coffee and muffins for the group. We discussed SunPower’s Stop Work program and being aware of surroundings. Additionally, we discussed how important it is to report any issues or incidents as soon as it happens.

A-C has been a great contractor to work with, as well as their safety team Marc and Gary. As we were finishing up to go to Mira Monte, I was approached by a gentleman who introduced himself as Angel. Angel is an EHS Manager for a local General Contractor, Wallace & Smith. Angel’s two sons attend Centennial High School. Attached is an email sent to me today from Angel about our conversation, wherein he stated that the safety on the site was exceptional. I would like to say thank you to our SunPower team in Kern for all the hard work and for their proficiency in our safety program.
Also, for a great job done by our contractors working on the project keeping Safety First!

Hello Jamie,

I was just following up on our conversation this morning. Being in the safety field I am always interested in the safety culture of those who work for my company and those who I see performing work outside my projects. As I said in my introduction, I’ve watched your project on a day to day basis since my two boy attend Centennial High and pass through the school often. I have been very impressed with your company and sub-contractors as it deals with safety and the attention to detail with its application. I’m glad I was able to catch you and relay my views to you. More often than not we don’t always get recognized for how safe a project is. Keep up the great work!

Best Regards,

Angel Jimenez
HES Manager