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The A-C Difference

A commercial solar project can be one of your most valuable assets, saving you money for decades. Your solar project should be properly engineered by an electrical contractor who is not only skilled in construction but understands your energy needs. A properly designed system will maximize energy output and minimize your operational costs.
In California, there is only one company that delivers all this and more: A-C Solar, by A-C Electric Company, one of the largest electrical contractors in California. Founded in 1945, A-C Electric Company is well-known as the premier contractor in the region with a reputation for building the highest quality installations. The strength and stability of A-C Electric Company is behind every solar project we build.
A-C Solar is clearly the right choice. Let’s talk about your project.
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    In-house Engineering

    Our expert engineering team will design a system to fit your facility and your unique operating requirements.

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    Turn Key Modeling

    Using your energy usage data, our expert analysis and our proprietary modeling, we design the right system to maximize your output.

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    Experienced Builders

    We construct everything from solar carport shade structures, to rooftop systems, to ground mounted solar installation.

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    Consultative Approach

    No need to shop the solar market - we can provide installation, product, and financing options for you.

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    From zero out of pocket options to other low-cost financing solutions we can help you find the right financing product based on your industry and needs.

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    Efficient Permitting

    Our industry knowledge and seven decades of experience means a more efficient permitting process.

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    Top Notch Crews

    Our 70-year track record of performance ensures that your solar installation is safe and efficient. Our experienced crews of licensed electricians ensure that your project is safe, efficient, and code compliant.

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    Quality Control

    From detailed site audits to professional engineering and commissioning, our project delivery process ensures a complete high-quality system.

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    24/7 Monitoring

    Our dedicated monitoring staff ensures that your system is online and operating efficiently. Our comprehensive Operations and Maintenance program is the best in the business.

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    Warranty and Long-Term Commitment

    Our commitment to our customers is second to none and we’ll be here to support your needs well into the future. We hold our vendors to this same standard ensuring you receive the highest quality products.

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“Solar electricity is the right thing to do – for the environment, the community, and for my business.”
– Pat Ricchiuti, P-R Farms

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